Disney Frozen Inspired Rainbow Loom Bracelets

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Disney Frozen Rainbow Loom Bracelets

If your house hasn’t caught the Rainbow Loom fever yet, here…have some of mine!  We’re bracelet OBSESSED around here and thankfully my daughter has figured out how to make all these complex designs on her own and isn’t asking me to do it anymore.  Score!  Since we’re also SO excited about the #DisneyFrozenEvent that I’ll be attending in Los Angeles in November, it’s only natural that we go on a bender with Disney Frozen inspired Rainbow Loom bracelets!

Anna and Olaf

We studied the Frozen characters and tried to pick some colors that matched their clothing.  Note to whoever is making these little rubber bands: We need a dark purple, like yesterday.  Anna wears beautiful dark colors: green, blue, purple, and some black. So here are all the Anna bracelets that my daughter made.

Frozen Anna Bracelets

My favorite is that one all the way on the bottom left, the triple single.  Yes, I’ve mastered the lingo.   😉

Frozen Olaf Bracelets

Olaf the adorable snowman is black and white with an orange nose.  And I am proud to say that I made this starburst design all by myself.  Can you see the two black eyes and orange carrot nose?  Use your imagination. I am just a little proud of this one.


The beautiful Elsa is clad in icy blues and whites so her bracelets were pretty easy to make.  I love these colors together!

Frozen Elsa Bracelets

Which one do you like the most?  That fishtail in the middle (right side) might be my favorite.

Frozen Bracelets on Kids

My kids are wearing their Disney Frozen inspired Rainbow Loom bracelets with pride!  I’ve even been told by my son’s preschool teacher that he can only wear two bracelets at a time.  Just imagine, the movie doesn’t come out until November 27.  How many Frozen bracelets do you think we’ll have by then?

Frozen Inspired Rainbow Loom Bracelets

They only go halfway up my arm right now.  I’m putting my money on a full sleeve by Thanksgiving.

Get creative with your loom band bracelets and show me your Disney Frozen styles!  :grin:     

Be sure to hang out with me throughout the Disney Frozen premiere and event. I’ll be sharing on-the-scene updates throughout the trip on Twitter and Instagram. Follow our entire group of 25 awesome bloggers with the #DisneyFrozenEvent hashtag. 



  1. Cheryl says

    I love all your bracelets, I just got my loom, and I need help trying to get started. No, real instructions how to start or what to do from there. Is there any way to find out?

    • says

      Hi Cheryl! My daughter found TONS of tutorials on YouTube. If you just search for Rainbow Loom bracelets you should come up with some great videos. I think the single chain and the fishtail are two of the easiest that we started with. Let me know how it goes!


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