Our Summer Bucket List

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I love the idea of having an intentional summer.  Not just a summer that floats by and at the end of it you have no idea what you did with your time, but one where you’re really aware of how you’re spending your days.  Don’t get me wrong,  I don’t believe in programming every minute of my time. I treasure quiet, downtime where we have absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to be, too.  But I know there are things we want to do as a family this summer and I want to make an effort to be conscious of how we’re spending our days.

So this week my daughter and I made our family’s Summer Vacation List.  We sat outside with a bag of colored markers and got as creative as we could with all the things we want to make sure we do this summer.  When we thought we had run out of ideas, one of us would blurt out ten more things to add. My favorite of her ideas: paint birdhouses.  Her favorite of mine: have a cherry pit spitting contest.

We keep our list in the kitchen where we can glance at it and be reminded of all the fun ways we want to spend the summer together.  It’s only day three of summer vacation and already we can check off at least four things.  Our Summer List isn’t a strict to-do list.  It’s just a way to help us be aware of how we’re spending our time and how we really WANT to spend our time.

Don’t let the summer waste away!  This is FUN and so easy to do. Make a summer bucket list of your own!

What are your plans this summer? 


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