Look What’s Blooming In My Garden This Spring!

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Blueberry Tulips

Spring might be my favorite time of year.  I love summer and the beach, no coats, warm sun and all that good stuff. But Spring is when everything comes back to life after a long winter and it’s soooo refreshing to see some green.  I love to garden and grow lots of pretty flowers (and veggies, but that’s another post!).  The flowers that come up in the springtime are probably my favorites.  So I thought I’d share with you what’s coming to life in my gardens!  These purple blueberry tulips might be my favorite. I LOVE tulips and grow a ton of them just so I have enough to  bring inside and put in a vase to enjoy.

blueberry tulips

These are more from the blueberry tulip mix. They’re so cool!

Bleeding Heart

My Bleeding Heart is huge.  I’m always surprised how long this lasts. It stays green well into the summer months. I’ve got it in a shady spot and it’s pretty happy there.


This was a surprise this spring!  These are chives that the kids planted in their little garden patch last year and they came back. They’re really good, too!  We’ve been eating them and even the kids are munching on them when they’re outside.


I took this pic a couple of weeks ago. My daffodils are done blooming now but I have a couple of different varieties in there and they are one of the first things to come up.


Little buds on the dogwood tree! This should be blooming pretty soon. It’s always pretty late to flower at our house.

Gardening Kids

Grape hyacinths are something else I plant by the boatload. I’ve got patches under a couple of trees, and a big patch in one of my beds.  They look great planted closely together like this and then there are plenty for the kids to pick and enjoy, too!

Grape Hyacinths

See? TONS of them!


The hostas are coming up! I love the little tubes them come up in. So pretty!


Two more patches of tulips in the yard: one on the corner of the patio and one under a tree.  There may be a dandelion in there too!

tulips yellow

These tulips are so cool!  Aren’t the colors wild? Love them!

So what’s blooming in your garden this spring?! I’d love to see a pic!

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