Kindermint: Get Paid To Clean Out Your Kids’ Closets!

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Okay, this is a genius idea! I’ve never heard of Kindermint before but I’ve got to check this out.


Here’s how this works:  They send you a free MINT PACK which includes a pre-paid shipping bag.  Now I’m saying ‘free’ but you do need to put down a $3.95 deposit just to help them be sure they’re not shipping these out and folks don’t send anything back.  That $3.95 is refundable once you send in your clothing.  So you get the pack, you stuff the mailer with clothes your kids have outgrown, and mail in back in the prepaid mailer.  When Kindermint gets your clothes they’ll assess their value and issue you a credit which you can withdraw by check or a deposit into your PayPal account.  If something doesn’t meet their standards, they’ll send you a donation receipt that you can use to claim on your taxes.

Now how easy is that?!  We have yard sales every Spring and I try to get rid of my kids’ outgrown clothing then, but I always have stuff that doesn’t sell and I HATE bringing it back in the house.  This is a brilliant way for me to still get a few bucks out of them with hardly any work and no expense on my part. That works for me!  I’m going to order one of these MINT PACKS and give this a go after the yard sale next month.

If you have some kids’ clothes you want to unload definitely check out Kindermint!  Love this idea!


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