Giant of PA Shopping Trip 4-7-11

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This morning we scored big at Giant of PA.  We were in different Giants at the same time, rocking our coupons.  This is Lindsay’s haul, all for the bargain price of $11.98.  That steak alone was originally over $12!  I got organic milk, whole grain bread, and strawberries, too.  Not to mention a year’s worth of cleaning spray!  We took advantage of Giant’s coupon doublers in this past Sunday’s newspaper and paired it with coupons for Fantastik and Windex, and to sweeten the deal, Giant is currently taking $6 off your order on the spot for buying any four of certain products, including Fantastik and Windex.  We would not have been able to rock this deal without multiple coupons, which is why we buy 4 newspapers every Sunday.  Check out our post on Couponing: The Basics for more info on how to build up your stash of coupons.
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