Friendship Bracelet Valentine Cards

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This past weekend my daughter and I made her valentines for her friends at school.   Here is our version of the friendship bracelet card!

I created the text boxes with the heart frames on the computer.  I used MS Publisher but even Word or any publishing software would work.  I laid out 4 per 8.5″x11″ page, printed them on white card stock,  and then cut them with my scrapbooking paper cutter to get nice straight lines.  I just eyeballed it to get my cuts just outside the heart borders.  Then I inked the edges with a pink ink square.  So easy to do and you can find these in any craft store.  Just brush the ink down along the edge of the paper like you might file your nails.  It gives it a brighter border which I like.

Then I used a star-shaped punch (also found in craft stores) to punch two holes, one on either side.  My daughter wrote her name on the front and her classmates’ names on the back.  She picked out all the colors for each bracelet and I braided them.  If I had given myself more time to work on these I might have made a fancier friendship bracelet.  Who remembers making these by the armload back in the day?!  Now that I have all this embroidery thread again I’m totally going to try to see if I remember how to make a cool design for my little girl.

So that’s it!  Easy enough and I think they’re super cute.  She’s so excited to give them to her friends.

Did your kids make their own valentines this year?





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