CVS Total Home Line: Quality Household Products at Great Prices

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CVS Total Home Line

One of the things I learned pretty quickly when I became a couponer was to get over my loyalty to one brand in the name of saving money.  I’m so glad I did, too, because I actually discovered some other brands that I like more and would maybe have never tried.  I also now buy a lot of store brand products and they’re often just as good as the name brand stuff.  So when I learned that CVS has their own line of products for home care, the Total Home line, I definitely wanted to check them out. I trust the CVS brand name and have bought other CVS products like their medicines and food and always been happy.  I’ll show you the products from the CVS Total Home line I tried out. I was really impressed and would definitely choose them over the name brand to get a better deal!

CVS Total Home Disinfecting Wipes

Total Home Disinfecting Wipes: I swear I spend half my life wiping off the kitchen counters.  These wipes come in handy and they’re great to donate to your kids’ classrooms, too.  I’ve bought Brand X wipes before to save money and they shred when you pull them out of the canister and they’re super thin.  Not the case with these. They’re exactly like the name brand, thick enough to get the job done and they’re even a bit texturized to scrub off any stuck up gunk the kids left on the table.  (retail $5.49)

CVS Total Home Fabric Softener Sheets

Total Home Fabric Softener Sheets: These are great, exactly like the name brand!  Actually better, because I’ve purchased a name brand before when it was on sale and I had a coupon and it was so light on softener that I actually had to use two sheets per load.  Definitely didn’t save me any money. These are nice and thick and one is plenty. (In fact, one money saving tip I have is to rip them in half and get twice as far with one box. So far so good with Total Home brand!)  (retail: $3.99)

CVS Total Home Line Storage Bags

Total Home Gallon Storage Bags: I am a reusable bag freak so I don’t use a TON of plastic bags but there are some things I need them for so I do buy them occasionally.  The Total Home brand as a double zipper color seal so you know it’s closed, and these are really durable. I’m not worried the seal is going to bust open and make a mess or that the plastic will tear.  I can’t see a major difference at all between this CVS line and the name brand. (retail: $3.19)

CVS Total Home Plastic Wrap

Total Home Plastic Wrap: I have to tell you, I’m not a big fan of plastic wrap. It’s like a necessary evil in the kitchen. What DOES it stick to?  At least that’s been my experience with every roll I’ve ever bought. So as much as I was liking the Total Home line I didn’t expect a whole lot from this product just because it is what it is: plastic wrap. I was pleasantly surprised. See that perforated piece that runs along the top of the box? That comes out and is actually the ‘sharp’ edge where you tear the wrap.  So I love that there’s no razor sharp metal edge to this box. Also, the plastic actually stuck to the bowls! I couldn’t believe it.  I think this wrap might be a bit thicker than the name brands and it doesn’t seem to ball up on itself as easily and it really did stick to the sides of the bowl and cover the food to keep it fresh. Wow.  I was happily surprised! (retail: $3.99)

CVS Total Home Tissues

Total Home Facial Tissue Soft & Strong 2 Ply: I’ve been fighting a cold that just won’t go away for at least a week now. Driving me crazy!  I can’t stand blowing my nose and having the tissue give out on me. I mean really. GROSS.  Why does anyone even make tissues like that?  I’ve bought cheap tissues before and haven’t been thrilled for just this reason, plus sometimes they’re scratchy and uncomfortable.   Once again I was totally impressed with the CVS Total Home brand.  They’re soft and strong.  I took that pic on the right to show you that they’re not see-through, they really are nice thick, 2-ply tissues.  I’d definitely buy these again. (retail: $1.99)

CVS Total Home Toilet Paper

Total Home Bath Tissue and Moist Flushable Wipes: This is another item I really don’t like to buy from an inferior brand.  Cheap toilet paper can be, well, let’s not go there.  It’s worth the extra buck or two to get something that’s good quality and is going to do the job. I do have two kids here, you know.  Take a look at the Total Home Bath Tissue below.

CVS Total Home Line Toilet Paper

That doesn’t even look like a store brand! It doesn’t feel like one either. It’s very soft and absorbent, 2-ply, and works great.  I actually think I might prefer this over what we had in the bathrooms.  The flushable wipes are soft and gentle, too, and they’re great to take with you on the go. (retail: $2.49)

We’ve used all of these CVS Total Home products we were sent and I can honestly tell you that they absolutely stack up to the name brands.  This stuff is great quality at a better price.  Next time you’re shopping in a CVS store or at CVS online be sure to look for the Total Home brand to save yourself some cash, too!

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