CVS “Chewy, Not Chalky” Antacids: Kill the Heartburn With No Aftertaste!

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CVS Antacid Chews

My husband loves spicy food.  Honestly, I think he puts hot sauce on almost everything he eats. Have you ever seen someone put a drop of hot sauce in individual tortilla chips while they’re eating them? Because I have.  Next thing you know it’s the middle of the night and he’s rummaging through the medicine closet looking for an antacid.  I, on the other hand, don’t get heartburn nearly as frequently but when I do it’s unpleasant. I suffered really badly with it when I was pregnant with each of my kids.

It’s no secret that CVS is one of my favorite places to shop (definitely my favorite place to coupon!) and just this summer they launched a new product that seems to have solved our heartburn issues.  Their “Chewy, Not Chalky” Antacid Chews taste great and quickly take care of heartburn, indigestion, and sour stomach.  These come in Peppermint, Strawberry, Orange, and Assorted Fruit Flavors an are available in 12-count, 45-count, and 90-count sizes.  I’ve always bought those chalky antacids so this was something new to try and both my husband and I like them MUCH better.

CVS Antacid Chews

First, and probably most importantly, they work!  I actually think they seem to work better. In the past I’ve had to chomp down a handful of the other antacids.  With these I’m usually good with one or two.  But the most noticeable difference is the taste. These are almost more like chewing on a Mentos, like candy, versus eating a piece of chalk.  They’re really good!  And of course the calcium, 750mg per chew, is a bonus for people like me who need more of it in their diet. I definitely like the texture of the CVS Antacid Chews way more than the alternative variety.

And as you probably know, CVS brand products are less expensive by up to 40% off name brand products.  I always buy CVS brand when I can.  We were just at the beach and had to buy some sunblock and I saved a ton by buying the CVS brand, and when my daughter had a headache we bought the CVS brand children’s ibupofen. Their products have the same active ingredients and cost less.  It’s a no-brainer.  Don’t even get me started on their cookies!

Next time you’re in CVS look for their “Chewy, Not Chalky” Antacids to stock your medicine closet or purse.  You can shop for them online, too. I really think you’ll like them more than the chalky kind you might be using now!

Would you like to try these CVS Antacid Chews?  CVS is generously offering one of my readers a fantastic CVS Brand prize pack that includes 2 bottles of Antacid Chews plus a bunch of other goodies! This giveaway will end on August 23. You can enter to win [HERE] when the giveaway is live.


  1. says

    The strawberry ones might be good or even the assorted flavor ones. I didn’t even know CVS had chewy antacids (or any place for that matter), but sadly I moved to an area that only has a Rite Aid and CVS is about 45 minutes or more away, I miss that store. But I have to usually take antacids, due to me having horrible acid reflux all the time, and the chalky ones always leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Good to know that there are chewy ones on the market these days though

  2. says

    I actually work at CVS and have been looking at the orange flavored ones. I think they actually look yummy. A few customers have told me they are not bad.

  3. lori says

    i would pick the peppermint flavored or the orange flavored..but anything that takes away the heartburn is fine with me


    Tasty Strawberry flavor is my choice. I like orange but would like to try something different.


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