7 Quick Things to Do At Night to Make Mornings Easier

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 7 quick things to do at night to make mornings easier

In my never ending effort to get organized I’ve started some simple nightly routines that make my mornings much easier.  This aren’t big projects; they’re things that take a matter of a minute or two and just that small amount of time spent preparing in advance saves me time, trouble, and tears the next day.  Maybe some of the things here will help your mornings start better too.

7 Quick Things To Do at Night to Make Mornings Easier

1. Coffee prep.

My treat for myself in the morning is my coffee. I don’t really have time to enjoy it before it gets cold while I’m rushing around making breakfast and packing lunches. So I wait until I’m ready to walk out the door to take my daughter to the bus stop and then brew my first cup in the Keurig.  So the night before I’ll make sure there’s water in the machine, put a new k-cup in, and put my coffee mug under the spout.  If I’m really planning ahead I’ll even lay a spoon out to stir in my creamer.

2.  School lunches.

My kids won’t buy school lunch so I pack the both a lunch to take every day.  Before I go to bed I make sure whatever dishes I’m going to need are clean. It’s no fun washing out the thermos in the morning because I didn’t bother to do it the day before. It’s enough to make the lunch. I don’t need to do the dishes, too. Make sure the ice packs have been put back in the freezer, put napkins and anything you can pack the night before into the lunch bags.  No, I don’t make sandwiches and stuff the night before. I just try to make it easier on myself to get it done in the morning.

3.  Lay out clothes for the kids.

I have them do this themselves but it saves time (and often some arguments) in the morning.  I check what they’ve got laid out, make sure it’s appropriate for the weather and whatever they have planned in school that day, and we’re good.  Notice matching isn’t on my checklist.   Choosing my battles.  ;)

4.  Prep the backpacks.

Is it library day? Get the books in the backpacks.  Do we need a show and share item?  Get that in the backpack.  Make sure the homework is packed up.  Whatever needs to go to school with them I get in there the night (or even afternoon) before. I hate frantically doing that stuff in the morning.

5.  Lay my own clothes out.

I’m not fully alert in the morning so if I don’t have a plan for something to wear, you  might find me staring at my closet for several minutes. Those are several minutes I don’t have in the morning.  So I put my clothes in the bathroom before I go to bed so after my  morning shower I can get dressed and start the rest of my morning duties.

6. Charge my cell phone.

This is sort of on an as-needed basis because I try to only charge when the battery is dead or really low, but if I know I’m going to be running errands in the morning I charge my phone at night so I’m powered up for the day.

7. Make a list.

If you’re like me (and I’m betting many of you moms are) you’ve got about 1000 things on your mental to-do list at any one time.  I am always thinking about what I need to get done and then worry I’m going to forget it.  So before I go to bed I make a list of the things I want to get done the next day. Even silly little things I’ll write down. This serves 3 purposes for me: #1: Once it’s on paper I don’t have to worry about remembering it anymore and I can rest easier.  #2: I’m more likely to actually get it done if it’s on a list.  #3.  I get to cross it off when I finish it and feel like I accomplished something!

So those are my seven must-dos before bed.  Now, that’s a weekday list. Weekends are off limits for structure around here.   😉    I might also throw the laundry from the washer to the dryer and stick a dryer sheet in so in the morning I just have to turn it on to get that job done earlier.  I might run the dishwasher. If I have energy and see something quick I can do to make life easier for myself the next day I do it.  It really is so nice to wake up having this stuff done and having mornings go more smoothly.  Mornings are rough enough as it is, am I right?!

Tell me! What do you do before bed to make your mornings run more smoothly?



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      Oh that’s a great one. I try to do that too. Just saves a little time in the morning and who doesn’t need that? Thanks Shelly! :)

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    I love the idea of putting clothes in the bathroom and putting them on right after my morning shower. I normally just put on a robe and then work on getting breakfasts ready.

    I also love the list idea. I have tried to implement this as a nightly routine but I keep forgetting to do it (I guess I should put that on my list of things to do tomorrow)
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    • says

      The list is probably my best tip. I get more done in the morning and it just allows me to shut my brain off and go to sleep at night. Thanks for your comment Dawn!

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