6 Creative Easter Baskets: Practical and Reusable Ideas!

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Easter baskets have been a family tradition for me since I was a kid.  My parents always hid eggs all over the house and in the yard and hid our Easter baskets, too.  My sister and I would run around looking for them on Easter morning.  We’ve carried on that tradition with our kids and think it’s so fun to watch them search for their goodies just like we used to.  I remember my daughter’s reaction when she found her basket in the bathtub one year! This year instead of a basket for Easter you might consider going with something more functional when the Easter festivities are over. Makes more sense to me to spend money on something you’ll actually use again rather than a pink wicker basket you might throw in the basement to collect dust….not that I’ve done that or anything.  😉  Here are six practical and reusable ideas I came up with for things that you could use to create your kids’ Easter baskets this year.   I’m working on a list of ideas for you to fill them with, too.  Stay tuned!

fabric storage bins

Fabric Storage Bins: These are cute and come in a bunch of different colors and patterns.  When Easter is over you can easily use this for toy storage, to stack diapers or clothes in, or to put some books in in your room or the kids’ rooms.

bee caddy

Cute Caddies:  This cute Bee Caddy from Diapers.com is just adorable!  It would be perfect if your Easter goodies are things like art supplies or bath products.  Smaller items would fit best in here.  If you want to check this out, go over to Diapers.com and enter ‘caddy bee’ into the search bar.  If you place your first order with them, use code GR8DEALA to get $10 off your purchase of $49 or more, too!

toy storage box

Eco-Friendly Storage Box: Abe’s Market has this cool storage box that comes on wheels!  What a great idea for dragging your toys out into the middle of the living room floor and being able to easily throw them back in the box and drag the box back to where it belongs.  I just know a mom came up with this one.   Go to Abe’s Market and type ‘toy storage box’ into the search bar to find this one.

bongo buddy

Bongo Buddy: How cute is this guy?  These Bongo Buddies come in different styles like a duck, ladybug, or puppy dog.  They also have just plain solid colors.  These would be cute to use again as a laundry hamper or for toy storage.


Tubtrugs: These might be my top pick.  I have several of these in different colors and use them for everything under the sun.  I have a couple I use to throw weeds into when I’m weeding my flower beds.  My kids each have one for toy storage. My husband uses one to keep all his painting supplies like drop cloths together.  I fell in love with these Tubtrugs a few years ago and asked for them for Christmas.  Santa/Mom always delivers.  :) They come in lots of colors and some are much cheaper than others.  Be sure to look for those price differences.

Storage Ottoman: Now this is a neat idea!  This serves as a little seat or ottoman for kids (holds up to 200lbs.) and the top comes off for inside storage!  Perfect idea, right?  I love it!  You can find this one on Organize.com.  If you would place an order of $75 or more use code 5OFF75 at check out to get $5 off.  You can find this cute ottoman by going here and typing ‘storage stool’ into the search bar.

So those are some of my ideas to mix up your Easter baskets this year.  I’d love to hear what you have planned, too!




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