5 Unique Ideas for Reusable Easter Baskets

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Want to get the most bang for your buck this Easter? Use one of these ideas for reusable Easter baskets for your kids and get use out of it year round.

Easter is coming!  Have you bought some goodies for the kids’ Easter baskets? What about the baskets themselves?  We have some of those wicker baskets but unfortunately when it’s not Easter they sit on a shelf in the basement serving no purpose.  If you’re like me and would like to find something that’s actually useful beyond Easter Sunday to make your Easter baskets with, I have a few ideas for you!


Tubtrugs: I love these things, Easter basket or not.  We have a BUNCH of them, probably 5 or so and I used them for everything from toy storage to a bucket to put weeds in when I’m gardening.  They’re light, flexible, sturdy, washable, and come in a bunch of great colors.  For an Easter basket I’d personally probably go with the smaller size, the 3.5 gallon Tubtrug.  They do make a larger one too, the 10.5 gallon Tubtrub,  if you have some bigger goodies to stuff inside!

Garden Carts for Kids

Garden Carts: These Melissa & Doug garden carts are so cute! My kids are hauling stuff around the yard all summer long. They get lots of use out of these and they make adorable Easter baskets.  Tie a bow around the handle and stick a few little goodies inside to fill ‘er up! Maybe some gardening tools for kids would be a great addition for this unique Easter basket!  These come in pink and green.

Kids' Backpacks

Backpacks: Put all the Easter gifts in a backpack and the kids will be sure to use them again. There are so many cute designs!  Perfect for taking on a playdate, a trip to the beach, or to Grandma’s house. Or maybe by this time in the school year they actually need a new one for school!  I think this little dog backpack is too stinkin’ cute.

Fabric Storage Bins

Storage Bins: We have lots of these and use them to store all kinds of things. The kids keep their cars, books,  Barbies, coloring books and more toys and playthings in ours. These come in a bunch of different colors, too.

Lego Storage Bins

Lego Storage Bins: If you’ve got Lego players in the house this would be the perfect time to grab some type of storage bin to use as an Easter basket and then fill with the kids’ Legos afterwards.  There are a variety of bins available, different sizes and styles.  Some come in sets of one or two containers which might be perfect if you’ve got more than one kid to buy for.

What other ideas can you come up with for reusable Easter baskets?


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