5 Things I Can’t Live Without As A Mom

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5 Things I Can't Live Without As A Mom

Hello fellow Super Moms! Alright, I’m not really Super Mom though some days it does require super human strength to power through the days.  This ridiculous winter has not helped matters.  Some of my great blogging friends and I have teamed up to share the 5 things that are mom must-haves.  So check out my list, then see the linky below to see what other mom bloggers have to say.  And leave me a comment! I’d love to know what your mom must-haves are!

5 Things I Can’t Live Without As A Mom

My kids

Well duh, you’re probably saying.  You can’t be a mom without them.  True, true.  There’s that.  But I’m talking about the little things they do and say that encourage me to be a better mom.  Yesterday  my son said to me, “Mommy, I love you so much.  You teach me so many things I don’t know yet.”  *heart swell*  That kind of talk is what keeps me going, keeps me patient (as much as possible – not always my forte) and motivates me to be the best mom I can.  It’s not just my kids; it’s their feedback, their words, the light bulbs I see go off when I’m helping with homework, the sound of them chowing down on a healthy meal I’ve made, their hugs.  I see these things in them and I know I’m doing something right.


This is a simple one, but oh dear it’s a must-have.  No coffee, no day.  I’m addicted to my Keurig, shamelessly addicted.  There’s something meaningful about coffee beyond a drink in a cup. It says to me, “Good morning, adult.  I am here just for you, to warm you up, wake you up, and be your friend.  You deserve something special to start your day, and I am here to serve.”  Now who can resist that kind of charm? Not I, said the tired mommy.  Not I.

A job

I don’t actually mean this in the traditional sense of the word. It doesn’t have to be paid employment outside of the home.  What I mean by ‘job’ is something meaningful to contribute to outside of your family. It could be ‘real’ job for sure.  For me I have my blog which I love, and I also tutor a couple of hours a week.  It’s amazing what one hour helping a student will do for your self-worth.  I feel like I have a brain – one that works!  When my kids were really little I wanted so badly to do something outside of the house that I worked at the local gym at the front desk for minimum wage.  The money wasn’t what was important. The part I needed in my life was getting out of the house and feeling like I was part of something, contributing to something outside of the four walls of my home.  That time to develop myself has really been important to me, and I think it’s made me a better mom.


I am a total bookworm and absolutely LOVE to read.  I don’t have nearly the time that I used to but I make time to read every day without fail.  Not only is it a treat for me, but it’s setting a good example for my kids.  This is one of those you’re-still-an-adult things that I do for myself. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the kids’ worlds that you really have to make the effort to do things for yourself that help you remember you’re still a person outside of being a mom (see Coffee above).  Reading is one of the things I do that is just for me. Even if it’s midnight when I crawl into bed, I read for at least a few minutes and it’s something I look forward to all day.

A Sense of Humor

How many oh-I-am-going-to-FLIP-out moments have I survived by choosing to laugh instead?  When you have kids you have to have a sense of humor. It’s self preservation, folks.  I haven’t completely mastered this one (thanks for the quick temper, Dad) but I’ve definitely improved and it feels oh so much better to laugh than it does to lose my cool.  And really when you step back and look at it, most of the things you’re likely to get upset about aren’t that big of a deal after all.  I keep telling myself this and it’s sinking in.  My kids sure appreciate having a funner (not a real word but it works here) mom, too. So, we laugh.  A lot.

There’s my top 5!  Leave me a comment and tell me what’s on your must-have mom list and check out some of these lists too.  Together we’ll figure this whole mom thing out.   😉


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    Love the image! Yes, a sense of humor is SO essential. A few years ago, 2 of my kids got into a ton of shenanagins in a 2 hour time period. At the time, I was stressed out and overwhelmed. Now I can look back and laugh. My mom loves to tell the story about 2 of her grandchildren!
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